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China Re-Opening

There has been a lot of enthusiasm for China re-opening. Is it justified?

  • James Syme
25. März 2023

China Re-Opening

There has been a lot of enthusiasm for China re-opening. Is it justified?

24. März 2023

Annual Sustainability Report 2022

A snapshot of the portfolio at year-end, highlighting sustainability metrics and commentary on our corporate engagement and stewardship

22. März 2023

Why We Don’t Own Banks

Banks are complicated, commoditised, over-leveraged, under-regulated and cheap for a reason 

21. März 2023

Return of the Rollercoaster

As the cost of capital has risen, so has volatility. What’s causing it ... and how should investors respond?

20. März 2023

Steady Fundamentals for Water and Waste

The macro picture has been challenging, particularly with uncertainty on the likely peak of the interest rate cycle. Company specific fundamentals remain positive, supported by stable earnings and corporate activity

17. März 2023

Beware Unintended Consequences

Following the collapse of SVB and the risk of a banking crisis, the Fed may need to choose between price stability and financial stability

10. März 2023

Patience is a virtue

Sub-24 hour S&P 500 options are a sign of the equity market’s constant drive to short-termism. Is patient, long-term investment still justified?

08. März 2023

Leading and Lagging the Emerging Market Index

Recent moves within the asset class reveal interesting patterns that may point to potential risk opportunities

16. Februar 2023

Buy High, Sell Low

When Adani came into the India index, passive funds had to buy the stock, driving up the price. As the price has fallen, reducing the weighting in the index, they have had to sell.

02. Februar 2023

Return to Normalcy

Income investors have had a long wait for real yields to rise from near-zero to levels closer to what has been historically normal

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