TSW High Yield Bond Fund (TSWHX)


Fund Description

To fund manager Bill Bellamy, high yield bonds are an often misunderstood and overlooked asset class. With the help of analysts David McMackin and Chuck Finley, the team seeks to identify opportunities in high yield corporate credit that generates strong current income and total return potential per unit of risk taken. As a boutique manager, the team combines fundamental credit work, relative value analysis, and a macroeconomic overlay in portfolio construction. Focus is placed on higher quality non-investment grade credit (primarily BB and B rated) although positions in CCC bonds are opportunistically added when risk/reward is believed favorable.

Investment Objective

The primary investment objective of the TSW High Yield Bond Fund (the "Fund") is to seek high current income with a secondary focus on capital appreciation.

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Fund details

Fund inception date 27 October 2021
Benchmark ICE® Bank of America Merrill Lynch U.S. High Yield Constrained Index
Share classes
Institutional (Launch date) 26-October-2021
Minimum investment
Institutional $1,000,000
Fund codes
Fund Ticker Share Class Fund Number CUSIP
TSWHX Institutional 703 46653M658
Fees and Expenses
Fund Ticker Share Class Net Expense Ratio* Gross Expense Ratio*
TSWHX Institutional 0.65% 1.16%

Fees and charges

Performance fee

*Expense ratios as stated in the latest prospectus. JOHCM (USA) Inc. has contractually agreed to waive fees and reimburse expenses so that the Net Total Operating Expenses do not exceed the stated amounts until January 28, 2023.


Investment manager J O Hambro Capital Management Limited
Transfer agent and registrar Northern Trust
Custodian Northern Trust

Monthly returns (%)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual

Top 10 holdings and active weights


As at noon Share class Currency CUSIP Number NAV Change Change % Previous
JOHCM International Select Fund 28/06/2022 Institutional USD 46653M849 20.92 -0.26 -1.23% 21.18
Investor USD 46653M823 20.93 -0.26 -1.23% 21.19
JOHCM Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund 28/06/2022 Advisor USD 46653M203 10.41 -0.04 -0.38% 10.45
Institutional USD 46653M104 10.44 -0.04 -0.38% 10.48
Investor USD 46653M302 10.42 -0.04 -0.38% 10.46
JOHCM Global Select Fund 28/06/2022 Advisor USD 46653M807 14.07 -0.31 -2.16% 14.38
Institutional USD 46653M708 14.11 -0.32 -2.22% 14.43
JOHCM Emerging Markets Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund 28/06/2022 Advisor USD 46653M500 11.32 -0.10 -0.88% 11.42
Institutional USD 46653M401 11.34 -0.09 -0.79% 11.43
JOHCM Global Income Builder Fund 28/06/2022 Advisor USD 46653M799 9.73 -0.05 -0.51% 9.78
Institutional USD 46653M815 9.73 -0.06 -0.61% 9.79
Investor USD 46653M781 9.72 -0.06 -0.61% 9.78
JOHCM International Opportunities Fund 28/06/2022 Institutional USD 46653M872 9.19 -0.01 -0.11% 9.20
JOHCM Credit Income Fund 28/06/2022 Institutional USD 46653M740 8.88 -0.03 -0.34% 8.91
Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions 28/06/2022 Institutional USD 46653M716 6.82 -0.10 -1.45% 6.92
TSW Large Cap Value Fund 28/06/2022 Institutional USD 46653M641 13.68 -0.14 -1.01% 13.82
TSW High Yield Bond Fund 28/06/2022 Institutional USD 46653M658 8.58 -0.05 -0.58% 8.63

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