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11 Sep 2023

What a Negative Inflation Print Means for China

Deflationary challenges arising in China, its rarity in emerging markets, and the influence of political decisions on shaping the economic landscape.

14 Aug 2023

Unveiling Divergent Trends in EM Equities

Emerging markets surge, tech sector booms with EV and AI stocks, and contrasting performance and quality concerns come to light.

27 Jul 2023

JOHCM International Select Strategy Update

Watch as Christopher Lees, CFA, discusses the extraordinary outperformance by USA Mega-caps and where the team is seeing opportunities in 2023.

19 Jul 2023

Emerging Markets Ride Currency Waves

Explore the correlation between currency dynamics, equity market moves, and economic factors to help capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

16 Jun 2023

The Potential of AI and Machine Learning in EM

Discover the potential of AI and machine learning in emerging markets, where innovative technologies have potential to drive growth and reshape industries.

16 Jun 2023

Monetary Measures Reshape Economy

Decisive monetary policy has brought inflation under control in Mexico and Brazil, helping to lift the value of their currencies and support growth.

18 May 2023

A Cautious Outlook for Turkey and Thailand

As the dust settles after pivotal elections, what has kept us cautious, and what are the prospects for political change

19 Apr 2023

Global Economic Indicator that’s Worse than the GFC

Demand for semiconductors is an indicator of the health of the global economy. Right now, things are looking as weak as ever.

13 Apr 2023

Hidden Risks and Opportunities in China’s Recovery

Chinese oil demand has largely been correlated with GDP growth, but the nature of that relationship is changing.

05 Apr 2023

JOHCM International Select Strategy Update

In this short video, Christopher Lees, CFA, speaks to the strategy's performance and discusses what he and Nudgem Richyal, CFA, are most excited about looking into the next quarter.

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