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17 Mar 2023

A Mixed Picture for Emerging Markets

An assessment of Emerging Markets reveals uneven performance and identifies opportunities in domestic-driven economies.

15 Mar 2023

Misplaced Risk-Off Reaction

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank & Signature Bank is a 'first world problem' with limited EM exposure. No JOEMX portfolio companies have ...

23 Feb 2023

Return to Normalcy

Income investors have had a long wait for real yields to rise from near-zero to levels closer to what has been historically normal.

22 Feb 2023

Chinese Internet – the Boom and Bust Story

101 Lesson of structural growth versus recovery growth investing

16 Feb 2023

Leading and Lagging the Emerging Market Index

Recent moves within the asset class reveal interesting patterns that may point to potential risk opportunities later

26 Jan 2023

Emerging Markets Rely on Global Fund Flows

Revisiting a key driver for the asset class: the direction of the US dollar and the capital flows that result from that.

26 Jan 2023

Up Close and Friendly

Strained geopolitical relationships and overextended supply lines are leading to a trend of relocating critical business operations.

19 Jan 2023

Update: JOHCM International Select Strategy

What Senior Fund Managers Christopher Lees and Nudgem Richyal are most excited about looking into 2023 in a short video presentation.

16 Dec 2022

Why South Korea is an Emerging Market

A look at the impact of local politics at a time of rising global interest rates, a stronger US dollar, and a slowing South Korean economy. 

15 Dec 2022

Implications of a Strong US Dollar

In a new video, James Syme, Senior Fund Manager, offers a perspective on markets that have performed well, despite a tightening US Dollar and rising rates.

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