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Principal Adverse Impact Summary

JOHCM ensures responsible investment by considering its impact on sustainability factors. These factors include the environment, social aspects, employee rights, and anti-bribery efforts. The EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) guides our approach, emphasising transparency and sustainable investing. This approach under SFDR is known as the Principal Adverse Impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors (or ‘PAI regime’).

Our investment professionals follow specific guidelines to evaluate the impact of investments on sustainability factors, the potential harm our investments may cause to sustainability and how we can mitigate these negative impacts. Certain financial products might have exceptions to our policy, based on factors like the investment strategy and regulatory requirements. We ensure transparency by listing these exceptions and regularly updating the information on our website.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing our sustainability policies and procedures. The Head of Investments plays a vital role in ensuring due diligence in sustainability aspects. These policies are approved by our management committees.

We evaluate our investment decisions against specific sustainability indicators, focusing on environmental and social impacts. These indicators help us make informed decisions aligned with our sustainability values. Before making investment decisions, our investment managers conduct due diligence. They assess how a proposed investment aligns with our sustainability indicators, taking into account available data and reasonable assumptions.

After due diligence, our investment professionals weigh the sustainability impact of a proposed investment against our sustainability values. They use their judgment to decide whether to invest, divest, or engage with the company for improvement. We continuously monitor investments and assess their impact on sustainability. This ensures that our investments align with our sustainability values throughout the investment's lifecycle.

We believe in transparency. We publish information about our sustainability policies on our website in line with the SFDR regulation, ensuring our clients have access to our approach towards responsible investing.

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