About Us

Investing Responsibly

J O Hambro Capital Management Limited (JOHCM) runs over 20 investment strategies, principally investing in equities. Each of our investment teams is small and has investment autonomy; there is no central investment approach. JOHCM’s Risk team provide comprehensive oversight of the style factors, macro factor sensitivities, decision-making patterns, ESG characteristics and liquidity profile of each strategy. 

We believe that ESG factors constitute a set of potential risks and opportunities that fund managers should incorporate in their decision making. Our fund managers have a high degree of autonomy and incorporate ESG issues at the level of each investment decision.  When investment teams meet with company management, discussion of the strategic merit of their social, ethical and environmental initiatives is on the agenda. They invest in well-managed companies and well-managed companies view these issues as part of the efficient running of their business. Consideration of the long-term risks of not taking social, ethical and environmental issues into account is also important. JOHCM fund managers forward many examples of engagement on ESG issues to the Investment Director with whom they have open discussions. The Investment Director logs all of these discussions. We are always happy to discuss any of these specific issues with clients.


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