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28. Januar 2023

Looking into 2023

Senior Fund Managers Christopher Lees and Nudgem Richyal share what they are most excited about for 2023

23. Januar 2023

Perpetual completes acquisition of Pendal Group

Today we achieved an important milestone for both Perpetual and Pendal with the successful completion of Perpetual’s acquisition of Pendal Group, bringing together two highly respected active asset management brands.

13. Januar 2023

Transformation, the old way

Indonesia is growing its economy, raising its skill levels and increasing value-added exports, using the old-fashioned method: protectionism 

13. Januar 2023

Strong dollar, weak dollar

Emerging markets are dependent on global fund flows, and the currency that flows the most is the dollar

16. Dezember 2022

The View From Asia - China: Peeling Back the Onion

In China, we’re investing in companies that have low valuations and rising cashflows. They aren’t the usual suspects 

12. Dezember 2022

Emerging Markets Spotlight

No one doubts the exceptional success of the South Korean economy, home to world-leading companies. But for now, it’s still an emerging market

12. Dezember 2022

European Outlook 2023

With a tolerable monetary headwind, pockets of earnings tailwinds and modest valuations it may just be that Europe continues to shine versus its peers.

03. November 2022

China’s Political Disorder

Given four good reasons to be cautious on China, and only one positive, the walk back to a turn in the equity market may be long one

26. Oktober 2022

Equity markets are changing – but into what?

A look at the drivers and opportunities in global equities

08. Oktober 2022

Expect the Unexpected

In 2022, the impact of the strong dollar has been very different to what history suggests

19. September 2022

The View from Asia

Higher US interest rates could present significant upside for Asian equities

05. September 2022

Did China learn anything from Japan's lost decades?

The economic models of China and Japan are closely related. However, China has the opportunity to learn from its neighbour's mistakes and protect property and banking investors.

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